PMP300 : Capteur de pression miniature

PMP300 : Capteur de pression miniature

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Le capteur de pression miniature série PMP300 est disponible en plusieurs versions de 1 à 700 bars.

Capteur de pression différentielle PMP - Industrial measuring and control equipment in the field of flow, pressure, level & temperature

Accurate Detection: This PM2.5 sensor module utilizes laser scattering technology to accurately measure suspended particles in the air, providing

LANTRO JS Highly Accurate PM2.5 Sensor Module with Built in Fan Detects PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 PMS7003

PDC160 - Capteur de pression haute précision à correction numérique-TEI

Use this pressure gauge for reliable service with compressors, regulators, air lines, pneumatic tools and equipment. Made up of a brass mechanism, ABS case and a polycarbonate lens, this gage is resistant to heat, corrosion, water, salt water and oil. Can also be used in steam applications if less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1/4 NPT pressure gauge has a center back mount and offers a pressure range of 0 to 160 PSI. 2 face diameter.

Milton 1/4 NPT Pressure Gage

Miniature Pressure Switch with Display and mA or V outputs

PMP300 : Capteur de pression miniature

Transmetteur de pression, Cerabar PMP23

Authorized Druck Sales Engineers; Price Match Guarantee

Druck PTX/PMP 3000 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensing Platform

P-series - Capteur de Pression Piézoélectrique - 0..300 bar - 400 deg C - M7 a M14

Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter piezometer

PMT-330 Portable RF Analyzer for Wood and Paper Products