Supply Chain Digitalization


Supply chain digitalization creates opportunities for connecting disparate systems in the supply chain to enable communication within and across organizations to create a single source of truth for information. Digitized supply chains allow you to accurately visualize your upstream and downstream supply chain activities. They empower your procurement planning and sourcing and enable supply chain and logistics teams to collaborate, automate and effectively leverage data analytics to fulfill customer needs and improve decision making. In this course, we will focus on existing and emerging digital technologies used in supply chain management. We will further  explore how to create a digital supply chain network, as well as how analytics can be implemented to improve supply chain performance. Finally, we will cover how digitalization can be leveraged to enhance supply chain functions


On completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the building blocks of the digital supply chain
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the digital supply chain network
  3. Demonstrate skills in advanced analytics in Supply Chain Management
  4. Demonstrate skills in leveraging the enablers for Supply Chain Functions
This course will cover the following modules:

Module 1: Building Blocks of the Digital Supply Chain

  • Existing digital technologies in perspective
  • Emerging digital technologies in perspective
  • Impact of both existing and emerging technologies on supply chain management
  • Application of these technologies in supply chain management

Module 2:  Digital Supply Chain Network

  • Linear supply chain network
  • Digital supply chain network
  • Digital capability in an enterprise

Module 3: Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Management

  • Big data and basics of advanced analytics
  • Key enablers for building a successful implementation and utilization of analytics
  • Roadmap for advanced analytics implementation

Module  4: Leverage Enablers for Supply Chain Functions

  • Digital procurement
  • Faster and smarter supply planning
  • Logistics and digitalization
  • Supply chain visibility: Connecting the dots

1. I do not have a supply chain background. Can I sign up for this course?

No. This course is mainly for supply chain practitioners and professionals. However, we recommend you take up some of our supply chain courses for beginners on

2. Who are the target audience for this Course?

The target audience for this course are supply chain practitioners and professionals working for corporate entities as well as  governmental and non-governmental organizations including:
  • procurement and supply managers;
  • operation/production managers and officers;
  • tender committee chairs and members;
  • warehouse/store managers and supervisors;
  • transport and distribution managers;
  • supply chain lecturers, researchers and students;
  • suppliers and contractors; and
  • officers performing similar roles

3. What is the mode of payment for this course?

Payment for this course is quite simple. You can easily pay for this course with mobile money or credit card at the checkout page on the registration website.

Dr John Serbe Marfo,

Senior Technical Advisor for Health, Technology and Innovation, CARISCA

Dr. John Serbe Marfo is a Lecturer at the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems at the KNUST School of Business. He has a Ph.D. in Information Systems. He is a researcher and a consultant in supply chain digitalization, information systems, health informatics, big data analytics and eLearning. His recent research in supply chain digitalization focuses on drone technology as a logistics tool to improve health care delivery and supply chains. Beyond research, Dr. Marfo has been a lead technology consultant and systems developer for several innovative technology-related projects in various African countries.

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